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Ring in the New year with music!

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Hello Everybody!

We hope your holidays were full of music, fun, and loved ones! We have missed you and are so excited to start the new year with you, and our new families who have recently joined us! We hope you are looking forward to this year, as there are some amazing musical moments of bonding and growth in store for you and your children!

It's never too late to start making music, and making music will always benefit you and your families immensely, so what better time to start than the new year?

A research article by Motherly shares the benefits of making music with your children! We agree when they say, "There's nothing like experiencing music and its magic through your child!" By experiencing music through them we are reminded how it feels to be moved by music as we watch them discover its magic! We can experience the magic again too! Having music be a part of everyday life benefits families. From developmental and social growth, to increasing familial bonds, and finally to creating the memories you will cherish forever, making Music Together brings families closer together and helps children flourish!

We want to wish our studio members Adalind, Aum, Mia, Lila and Amelia a very happy birthday!

Our very special Babies 4 week mini session starts in two weeks! Invite a new mom or dad to join us to discover how to support their child's musical development! Babies must not be older than 7 months old at the time of registration. This is a beautiful and intimate way to begin a child's most dramatic period of musical development!

Private Studio and Music Moves Students have been enjoying a winter BINGO card while on break with prizes for those who get BINGO or Blackout when we return next week! They have also been given their Wheel of Change as they learn to mash up, create medleys, and otherwise adapt the music they've been learning! And, don't forget that the audio files for the songs and chants used in class are now much easier to access with one track for each book! (This is in addition to the individual tracks available for each performance piece!)

Here's your reminder to check out the calendars for the Alexander and Aliante libraries this next year! We will be dropping by to make Music Together with our larger NLV community! These are great opportunities to invite a friend! Our first events will be in February!

Your recommendation means the world! If you would, please take a moment to share your positive feedback on our Facebook or google pages! Links are below!

Sing with you soon!

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