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Music Moves

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Music Moves is our new small group program for 6-10 year olds that serves as an introduction into the Private Studio. Lessons are 45 minutes weekly. One group class is included in tuition and one informal "Review" created by the students is done at the end of the year. Classes are capped at 4 students.

Music Moves is a new method for the 21st century that builds on Orff, Kodaly, Suzuki, and Dalcroze and applies Edwin E. Gordon's Music Learning Theory to the teaching of piano. Music Learning Theory is the same as Gordon's 'theories of audiation' and is a sequential learning process that guides students to hear and perform music with understanding. The music learning process, similar to the language learning model, is: 1) listen  2) speak; perform; acquire a rhythm and tonal music vocabulary by singing, chanting, and moving  3) think, improvise, audiate  4) read  5) write.   

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Summer Camp is held yearly June through August and is available to all current Music Moves students.


Summer Camp is also available to students outside of the studio!


Purchase a flex-lesson package and schedule your lessons when it is convenient for you! Summer Camp includes one 2-hour group lesson/end of summer party. Call 702-283-6163 to join Summer Camp!

You can also keep up to date with studio happenings by subscribing to our studio email list at the bottom of the page!

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