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Music Moves

logo for Music Moves for Piano by Marilyn Lowe and Edwin Gordon
three girls show off their music binders and stickers from music class they are smiling

Music Moves is our 2 year semi-private class for 6-10 year olds that serves as an introduction into the Private Studio. Lessons are 45 minutes weekly. One group class and one showcase opportunity are included in tuition. Classes are capped at 4 students.

Music Moves is a new method for the 21st century that builds on Orff, Kodaly, Suzuki, and Dalcroze and applies Edwin E. Gordon's Music Learning Theory to the teaching of piano. Music Learning Theory is the same as Gordon's 'theories of audiation' and is a sequential learning process that guides students to hear and perform music with understanding. The music learning process, similar to the language learning model, is: 1) listen  2) speak; perform; acquire a rhythm and tonal music vocabulary by singing, chanting, and moving  3) think, improvise, audiate  4) read  5) write.   


Every lesson, students sing and move to a variety of tonal meters and rhythmic modes, building confidence in breaking down music they hear as well as creating their own pieces with understanding. 


Technique on the piano is introduced using Laban movements. This class is fun, high energy, and a great step for Music Together graduates or 6+ beginners! It is the perfect foundation for one on one studies on any instrument!

an artistically painted piano keyboard and sun announcing Dahl Studio's summer camp

Summer Camp is required for all current private students to reserve their spot for the following year.


Summer Camp is also available to students not currently enrolled in the Private Studio and is a low-commitment, inexpensive way to introduce your child to music.

Create an account to join summer camp or to be added to the waitlist.

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