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Our Philosophy

baby crawling on ornate rug while parents and caregivers watch

Our programs run year-round, however, we do accept new enrollments anytime (space permitting). We encourage year-round music learning to get the most out of the class experience, and most importantly, to maximize the learning for your child, because we know that music development has a predictable sequence of steps that occur with time, exposure, experience, modeling, and guidance.

All of our programs, from newborn to adult, are audiation-based.

Audiation, as applied to music learning, was coined by Dr. Edwin Gordon, the creator of Music Learning Theory.

Audiation-based instruction teaches music in a way that is parallel to the natural way that we learn language, first through listening, speaking, and thinking, and then applying that inner vocabulary to reading and writing.

Becoming a musician is much more than learning to decode notation.

Everyone is born musical.

Music is a human birthright.

When any person receives an audiation-based music education, they can learn to read, write, improvise, and listen to music with understanding.

The best time to start music learning is the same time we start introducing language - as soon as possible. 

Because of neuroplasticity, even if we miss the early and energetic brain-building of the early years, it is never too late to become musical.

Everyone can be musical.

Every family can be musical.

Every community can be musical.

And the more musical our families and communities are, the better the world is.

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