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special needs mom in a music class with her son who is wearing headphones and is autistic

Inclusion at Dahl Studio

Dahl Studio classes are all about joyful, guided music-making for the whole family, regardless of age, stage, learning style, or disability. Because the things we do in class are developmentally appropriate for all participants, you and your child with a special need or disability are always welcome to join our warm and inviting communities of singing, dancing, instrument-playing families.

As the owner and music specialist at Dahl Studio, and a parent of a child with a disability and other children with special needs myself, I have seen the power of music first-hand in my own family’s life and in the lives of other families who have children with special needs or disabilities. This is why making music accessible to everyone is so important to me! Read below to learn about how we accept and include at every step of our music-making pathway!

a mom playing instruments with her daughter who is wearing cat ears

Group Classes


Children with special needs fit right in to our group classes! Classes serve a variety of ages, creating a family-type setting where participants are at different stages of development and rely on each other to scaffold their learning. All learning styles are respected, and regardless of age or stage, all children are encouraged to participate in their own way.

If you are interested in visiting one of our group classes, here are a few suggestions to make your experience as positive as possible:

  • Be sure your child is well rested and not hungry. It's hard to be musical on an empty stomach!

  • Arrive a few minutes early to allow your child to get accustomed to the classroom.

  • Show enthusiasm about being in music class! If you think Music Together is fun, so you will your child.

  • Allow your child to experience the class in their own way—this is a great opportunity to observe your child experiencing music!

  • If your child is learning about gentle touch, stay close by and, when needed, gently redirect them back to making music with you.

  • Feel free to speak with your Music Together teacher or center director if you have questions or concerns.


At Dahl Studio, we know that all children are musical, including children with special needs. Everyone is welcome to participate in our group and semi-private classes, including children with cognitive, physical, or neurological needs or impairments. In fact, your child will most likely thrive in class, because our “accept and include” philosophy means that we respect different ages, stages, and learning styles. And if any adaptations for your child are necessary, we have access to a board-certified music therapist on staff through our Music Together programs to help teachers modify the activities for children with special needs.


a girl with pitts hopkins syndrome poses in front of Hawaii decor after a summer music lesson

Private Studio

Special care is made to also make our private lessons accessible by using a child-led approach as well as an audiation-based methodology to reach and nurture every child's musical ability. Parents are included in the decision-making process, and the children's and parents' goals are paramount.

The benefits of music for children with special needs are well known.

Children with special needs are welcome to participate in our group classes or Private Studio. All of our classes and lessons provide a fun, no-pressure setting designed to make all families feel comfortable.

Dahl Studio is registered as a provider of services through the Disability Resource Center (respite as well as SDFSA).

Please call/text us at 702-283-6163 or email with any questions!

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