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Bring on the New Year!

Hello Everybody!

We hope you had an amazing holiday season and are ready for a whole new year of music-making! In the craziness of this last year, I have been contemplating what is most important. What I have found is that true happiness and satisfaction lies in the meaningful time we spend with those we love most. Sometimes the time slips through our fingers and is necessarily short-lived, but in that case, it must be appreciated and savored all the more. The days fly, and what is left is a monument to what we have cherished and made time for - like a pearl, polished by our small, everyday habits and intentions. And behind and through it all is the music that we make. The soundtrack of our lives. The music of children laughing, of words of forgiveness, of prayers said by the bedside. Tunes hummed and jams danced to. When we include music in our days, we remember more viscerally the good, and we are helped through the hard. I hope music has been a part of your memories this past year, and that many more are awaiting you in the year to come! Much love,


A very happy birthday this month to Ari! We are also celebrating our Studio's 5th birthday this month, and of course, we welcome the birth of the New Year!

Did you see our birthday posts on fb and IG? We want to thank the families that allowed us to feature them and would like to recap our FIVE accomplishments and FIVE goals of the last and the next five years! So, here they are:

FIVE accomplishments:

*Brought Music Together Generations to Las Vegas

*Grew our programs from one to twelve - all audiation based from newborn to adult,

*Grew from 3 families to over 100 families taught every week

*SIXTY Free community events

*Grew from one very tired and frazzled teacher/director to 4 teachers

FIVE goals:

*Start a non-profit - get Music Together to low income, minority, special needs, at risk children and families

*Purchase a storefront

*Enroll 100 Music Together families

*Add a visual art program

*Train other early childhood experts in Music Learning Theory - which we will be doing this year for the NLV libraries!

We want to thank YOU for being the best part of our year and helping us achieve so much - and we wish you the very best in this next year!

P.S. We always include something cool for you to read, so here's this month's - did you know that Music Together has been at the forefront of early childhood research for decades? Here are just some of the projects they have been involved in!

Kerri, Kjerstin, Jennifer, and Edina

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