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Thank you for an AMAZING winter!!!

Hello our wonderful studio families!

Three years ago, I completed my first semester teaching Music Together. It was the STICKS collection. These families became such an important part of my life and I came to love each of them. They are still dear to me! I love that the music brought us together, and this year, when I've finally come full circle (Taught all 12 collections - a three year journey!) I have discovered that the love I feel for our current families is the same as those who have passed through our doors and on to other destinations, and the passion I feel for this way of learning has only increased.

The studio has gone from 5 families to over 40 in the last 3 years and our offerings have increased from only offering Mixed-Age, to offering 9 different class types, not including our current work with SNHPA. We have partnered with incredible organizations like the NLV library district, Friends of Parkinsons, and the San Miguel Community Garden and met so many friends.

Next year, the studio celebrates our 5th anniversary! I can't wait to see what is next.

Our Music Together group classes begin the Sea Turtle and Maracas collections March 6th! Invite a friend and receive $10 off yours and their enrollment! You'll also get free maracas for every registered child. This is the last collection of the year before we start up our summer camps.

Our Private Studio and Music Moves students have been immersing themselves in Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, and Aeolian; improvising in duple, triple, and assymetric meters; and preparing for the Spring Recital in May! As always, the private students came up with the idea for the recital - Mash-Ups! This is such a great theme for our move to a fully audiation-based methodology this year! I can't wait to see what beautiful arrangements they come up with - all with musical understanding supported by an audiation-based approach!

We also enjoyed being at the NLV libraries this month! We love giving back to our #vegasstrong community!

Studio family, do you have an idea for a community event or a way we could give back to the community? What cause is close to your heart? Let us know by emailing us at

I love the article from which gives specific examples of how we can incorporate music into our daily routines! One of the ways I'm definitely going to try is beat the clock with a song and see how much we can clean up in one song, or do another task! What a great way to use music, making daily tasks fun and encouraging growth in all areas!

Going to a family music class is another recommendation, so good job supporting your children in their development! View full article here!

We want to wish our studio members Rebecca, AJ, Troy, and William the happiest birthday this month!

If you're loving your experience with us, please take a minute and share with us on our Facebook!

Thank you for being a part of our studio family!

Sing with you soon!

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