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Summertime at Dahl Studio!

We've been busy as bees here at the studio. Our Private Studio has been visiting the world making music and learning about various cultures! We have been doing the same in our Music Moves summer camp, getting passports with each place we visit! We have learned how to say hello in Hawaiian, French, African, and Chinese! In Music Together, we finished up the Toucan collection in Rhythm Kids and celebrated graduation with a bit of a party and some stellar Toucan hats. In our Mixed-Age kids we wrapped up the Kazoo collection, singing and dancing to Jim Jam Drummer and slowing it down with Arroro Mi Nino.

A planned PDLC with the Gordon Institute of Music Learning for Kerri had to be postponed due to knee injuries, but we still managed to have a great time and will finish up with a Private Studio and Music Moves group class/pool party and a Music Together bonus pool party potluck! We love our Studio family! (And Ms. Kerri loves Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Kjerstin for being awesome team members when the chips are down!) AND, today is June 1st, which means our Preregistration Week for all of our current families! Returning family thank you account credits expire and registration opens to the public Saturday, July 8th, so make sure you grab your preferred class day/time this week! Let us know if you have any questions! (Private Students will be registering one on one with Ms. Kerri. Watch for a call!)

Happy Birthday to Zoey, Liam, Olivia, Anna, Helaman, Abby and Adam this summer! We are so excited we got to celebrate with you!

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