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Springing Into Our New Song Collections!


Spring has sprung and we are springing into our new song collections!

We are loving them and our magical musical moments with all of you. This music is amazing and I hope it is blessing all of your lives.

This month we are excited to announce we were listed as one of the Top 3 Music schools in North Las Vegas, NV! We were selected by an analyst team based on a 50 point rigorous inspection and thanked for providing consistent high-quality service to our community.

Thank you families for helping make this happen and supporting our studio!

We are looking for more fun families to join our musical community! Please reach out to friends and family and let them know they can try a no obligation demo for free, through the month of April! Simply use code "demo15" at checkout!

The article I want to share with you is one by macaroni kid, that gives amazing ideas of how to incorporate music at home. One idea I loved was incorporating imaginative play at bedtime by having your child choose a "baby" to rock and sing a lullaby to sleep, helping them calm down and get ready for bedtime. Another idea was to use music at stressful times of the day to shift the mood. For example if your kids dont like getting dressed and ready you can help by making up a silly song to help make it more enjoyable, fun, and bond with them! Check out the full article below!

Happy birthday this month to Naomi, Madison, Helene, and Archie! We hope you have a great one!

Studio family, do you have an idea for a community event or a way we could give back to the community? What cause is close to your heart? Let us know by emailing us at

If you're loving your experience with us, please take a moment and share with us on our Facebook or google page, we would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you for being a part of our studio family!

Sing with you soon!


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