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Music Creates Lasting Bonds

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Hello Everybody!

We are so excited to have all of you beautiful families joining us this year! We have one more week of our demo/drop-in classes available, please invite your friends to join us!

This month we are enjoying the flute collection with very unique, amazing songs. One of the highlights I’ve enjoyed is being silly attempting the noses flutes together! What a fun instrument! (Shown in the photo above- a little studio member is trying his hardest to figure out). I'm so excited for what's to come for you and your families.

I hope you know that being a part of music together is such a great choice for you and your family! The bonds you are creating with your children at music together classes are special bonds that will last forever. “One of the most amazing parts of being a parent is getting to experience everything anew through the eyes and ears of your child. Music, especially, gives us the chance to share many meaningful moments."

Check out the motherly article for more incredible information on building bonds through music together classes, along with so many other benefits for your growing children and you! Bringing your kids to music together classes is sure to pay off and will leave a positive impact. Good job building those bonds and relationships!

We want to wish our studio member Nathaniel and Kaladin a very happy birthday this month!

Also, a friendly reminder that the Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday classes have been moved to a beautiful new location: The Las Vegas Dance Academy!

Sing with you soon!

Miss Kerri

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