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Humpty Dumpty had a great fall~ hope you do too!

Greetings everyone!!!

We are having a wonderful fall over this way and we hope you all are loving this weather! Read below for our latest studio news.

A very happy birthday this month to Fallon, McKenn, Peter, Lyla, Madden, and Katie!

If you see them about, give them a shout!

Our Private Studio will continue their composer studies and will learn about John Philip Sousa this month! You can listen to his featured pieces in our studio playlist here:

The Private Studio students are also planning their Winter service project and music performance. They have decided to share music and treats at an assisted living facility and will meet the week before for their winter group class where we eat, play musical games, and practice for our winter performance!

In Music Moves, we are continuing working on improvising in duple and triple and major and minor as well as honing our piano technique!

Rhythm Kids are enjoying the Alligator collection with world drumming patterns from Malaysia. A favorite for us last month was learning to play one of our many Rhythm Kids games that helps establish and internalize rhythm - musical burrito! To play, use a towel to roll your child up to the music! Roll to various levels of beat and then switch and let your child roll you up! Once you are wrapped up, stand up and do the burrito dance!

Mixed-Age classes are enjoying the Bongos collection. We enjoyed our special Halloween themed family class where we danced like zombies, sang like witches, and practiced trick or treating!

Did you know we offer Babies classes just for newborn to 7 month olds? It is a bonding parent training that helps parents understand how their child learns music and how to facilitate that at the newborn age and beyond. We would never wait to introduce a child’s native language to them until they were “older”, why do we do it with music? Don’t miss the intensive period of brain development that happens between 0-9 months. Join a babies class today! Babies classes are created on demand with a minimum of 3 families.

We are thinking of Ms. Jennifer as she had her ACL repair surgery November 7th and is now recovering. Wish her well! We are excited to have her up and feeling better soon!

Keep an eye out for free library and other community events as we come into the holiday season!

We are looking for more fun and dedicated families to join our musical community! Invite a friend to join you for free during our Friends and Family week the last week of the song collection - and don't forget to participate in our Songbook Scavenger Hunt this collection to be entered in a raffle to win some great Music Together swag!

This month's featured article can be found here on the MT blog

This is a fantastic article about how making music with your children can help to foster self- confidence, and leadership skills.

If you're loving your experience with us, please take a minute and share with us on our Google page or our Facebook!

Thank you for being a part of our studio family!

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