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Happy Fall Y'All!!

Hello Everybody!!

It has been a great entry into fall over here. We hope you are all well! Read below for the latest studio news!

Happy birthday this month to Brooke, Riley, Christie, Benjamin, and Vidal! If you see them, give them a shout out!

Our Private Studio has started their composer studies and is currently learning about Florence Price, a 20th century composer who was the first black woman to have her music performed by a major U.S. orchestra! Her music is inspirational and so fun! You can listen to her featured pieces in our studio playlist here:

The Private Studio students are also planning their Winter service project and music performance. If you know of a good opportunity to serve or make music, let us know!

In Music Moves, we are working on discerning our tonalities and identifying meter in class with full body musical exploration. These kids are amazing and so fun!

Rhythm Kids are enjoying the Alligator collection with world drumming patterns from Malaysia. They are playing with dynamics and tempo and learning to conduct them in an ensemble setting!

Mixed-Age classes are enjoying the Bongos collection and are being immersed in pieces in assymetric meter as well as a variety of tonalities. We are enjoying traditional American folksongs as well as pieces from Nigeria and Spain!

Did you know we offer Babies classes just for newborn to 7 month olds? It is a bonding parent training that helps parents understand how their child learns music and how to facilitate that at the newborn age and beyond. We would never wait to introduce a child’s native language to them until they were “older”, why do we do it with music? Don’t miss the intensive period of brain development that happens between 0-9 months. Join a babies class today! Babies classes are created on demand with a minimum of 3 families. Email us if you're interested!

We are excited to welcome new teacher, Edina Flaathen who will be apprenticing this semester to join our Mixed-Age classes and then will be training to teach voice and piano. She is an accomplished musician and mother of 4 amazing kids. We are so lucky to have her on the team!

In other news, Ms. Kerri is continuing to work with Friends of Parkinson's to reestablish their choir, the Tremblers. If you are interested in more information, email Ms. Jennifer at !

Speaking of Ms. Jennifer, her surgery is scheduled for November 7th. Please keep her in her prayers. She will continue to teach when able, and other lessons will be subbed by Ms. Kerri and Ms. Kjerstin. We are so lucky to have a host of well-trained and great teachers at our fingertips!

Keep an eye out for free library and other community events as we come into the holiday season!

We are looking for more fun and dedicated families to join our musical community! Trial classes are available, with the cost going towards registration if the family registers. Refer a friend and both of you get a discount on your next month's tuition. Making Music Together with friends is always more fun, so take a minute and share!

In our featured article from the Music Together blog, can be found here: you can read the amazing science of what is going on in a babies brain when they are experiencing music. It is fascinating and reinforces what we know about music being an important part of a baby's life beginning at birth!

If you're loving your experience with us, please take a minute and share with us on our Google page or our Facebook page!

Thank you for being a part of our studio family!

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