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Goodbye so long Farewell, Flute and Hippo collections!

Hello Everybody!

We wrapped up our Flute and Hippo Music Together collections this month for our newborn to 8 year olds, have begun our audiation journey in Music Moves with our 6-10 year olds, and realloy enjoyed our Private Studio Group Class and Veterans service project for our 8+ group!

Now we are preparing for our new song collections starting the first week of December! Our 0-5 year old Mixed Age family classes will be jamming out to the awesome Sticks collection and our 4-8 year old Rhythm Kids classes will be learning drumming patterns from Mali and India! I'm so excited to share this amazing music with them!

One article I very much enjoyed this month was from the Music Together Worldwide Blog. According to this article, it's up to us as parents or caregivers to help encourage our children's full musical potential!

Babies are not born with the ability to speak their language, but have the potential to learn the language, it is the same with music! All babies have the potential to learn music and it is based on their exposure and musical experiences that help them reach their potential.

Babies are however, wired from birth to receive music! Newborn babies respond to music. They respond to the tempo, distinguish differences in volume and melody, and can even sense when a song is coming to an end. Isn't that amazing?

So how can we expose them and help them learn music and achieve that potential?

Just as we reinforce language by repeating babies first words and celebrating them, we can do the same when they sing or tap a beat. Imitate them and respond to their music making and this will help them become fluent in music making!

Another way we can help them grow musically is by singing to them. Babies learn by imitating the grown ups in their lives, so if you sing to your children they will eventually sing too! You are doing just what they need by being a part of Music Together! For the entire goodness of this article check it out below.

Share this knowledge and Music Together article with friends!

We still have spots available in our Mixed Age and Rhythm Kids classes! Do you have a friend who might like to join? Invite them to a no-obligation demo class and enjoy a discount on your next month's tuition as a thank you, when they register!

Also, a friendly reminder to check the calendar for holiday studio closures!

Happy Birthday this November to Audrey, Katie, Madden and Mila! We hope you have a wonderful birthday and are so thankful to have you as part of our music making!

Every month and especially this month, I am so thankful for each one of you and the joy you bring into my life! Thank you for being a part of my Music Together family!

Sing with you soon!

Miss Kerri

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