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Cold hands, warm musical hearts!


A few announcements for you all!

This is the final call for the Mixed-Age Songbook Scavenger Hunt! Don't forget to send Ms. Kerri how many times you find Susie in your songbook and on what pages, to be entered into the raffle for some awesome Music Together swag! And, for an extra raffle entry, fill out your memory page and send a picture to Ms. Kerri! This ends on December 4th, don't miss out on this fun opportunity!

Resources are being modified for music moves to make listening even easier! Watch for the new resources, as they will be coming out this month. For our Music Moves and Private Studio students, keep listening over the holidays with our holiday Music Moves BINGO sheet! Have a parent initial a Bingo or Blackout, for a prize when we return in January!

We want to wish our studio members, Fallon, Ruby and Melody the happiest of birthdays!

What a great fall it has been with all of you! We just finished our North Las Vegas Library 5-part series, "Music Around the World" and experienced everything from a Hawaiian hula to a Fijian drum circle! What a blast it was! We love our libraries! Please give them a huge thank you when you visit next for providing excellent family resources!

We are headed into winter and I am so excited to share our new materials with you next week, December 5th! We will begin the Sticks and Tiger collections, which are some of my favorites!

Mixed age class - Sticks: "Your child will love going for a musical ride with "Ridin' in the Car" and "Trot to Grandma's House" this winter. We'll dance with "Don Alfredo baila," march and scamper with "The Tailor and the Mouse," and go "Pop!" with that good ol' classic weasel! You'll have plenty of great new songs and chants to keep the music going all winter long!"

Rhythm kids class - Tiger: "In the upcoming Tiger Collection, our class will playfully prowl, growl, and pounce like tigers as we explore unique drumming patterns based on rhythms from Mali and India! So neat! They will discover and learn songs from diverse cultures, and in several languages, even Telugu, the enchanting, lilting language of Southern India."

I enjoyed an article by Music Together this month about babies and the positive influence music has on their development!

Did you know, when you sing, bounce, dance, or play with music, at least eight areas of baby’s brain are activated simultaneously! During the first three years of life, babies brains develop so rapidly they are making hundreds of connections every second! Experiences determine which connections last a lifetime. Musical experiences in the first year help shape your baby's brain for lifelong learning in all areas. Because music activates so much of the brain it is very beneficial during this crucial time of development. Music shapes biology, neurology, language development, emotional connection and self regulation! What's better than all of those benefits that come from actively listening and interacting with music with our babies and toddlers? Nothing! You are setting them up for success having them in Music Together! Check out the full article below!

Don't forget! Gift cards are available on the website and make wonderful experience-based Christmas gifts for friends and family! (Or great wish-list items from grandparents! 😉❤️

I would greatly appreciate if you would be so kind and take moment to share your positive feedback on our Facebook or google page! Links below!

As always, please text, call, or email me with your concerns or questions!

Thank you! ❤️

Sing with you soon!



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