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Tuition and Calendar


At Dahl Studio, we know how important it is that music is a part of our every day! Like a language, music is best learned when it is immersive and continual. It takes years of experience for our children to master language and to learn to walk. It is the same for music development! And the younger we start, the better!

All of our classes are meant to be year-long growth experiences, and as such, are calendared according to the school year with open enrollment for current families every August. New families can join the Annual Membership at any time as space permits. We also have flexible summer options for busy, travelling families to keep the music flowing!

Both our Private Studio and our Group Classes run under this model of year-round music-making, although our Group Classes can also be experienced one semester at a time if needed, and according to availability - contact us for a single-semester experience and see what an investment in music can mean to your family!

With the Group Class Annual Membership, cancelation can be made at any time, however, if you cancel within the first month of a new song collection, there will be a $50 service fee.

When purchasing a single Song Collection or activity, full tuition is due, regardless of how many classes the student attends. There are unlimited makeups within a song collection when space permits.

Every individual's musical journey is unique and we can support your journey every step of the way! It is a journey that lasts a lifetime and whose benefits reach across generations!

We look forward to making music with you, whatever your age, stage, or ability!

Sing with you soon!

-Kerri Dahl

Founder and Music Specialist

Dahl Studio



Music Together 0-5: $650/year or $65/month

Rhythm Kids 4-8: $800/year or $80/month

Music Moves 6-10: $950/year or $95/month

One on One lessons 8+: $1250/year or $125/month

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