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The First Note


From the time I was a small child, I have loved music. My family sang constantly at home and on the road. I pursued learning the harmonica, violin, clarinet, piano, and guitar before high school and then attended the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts in vocal performance. I participated in their first ever jazz choir and participated for 5 years in CCSD honor choirs as well as All-State choirs. I also began conducting a youth choir in high school and had the opportunity to tour the US, Canada and Europe with LVA's ensembles, including singing at the White House.

Teach In Harmony


Since high school, I have picked up a few more instruments including organ and ukulele, attended UNLV for vocal performance, composition, and music education, taught preschool music classes, creating my own curriculum using Orff-Schulwerk and Kodaly influences and opened my own studio in January of 2019. 

The Future Sounds Good


I am grateful to have had rich musical experiences in my youth and am blessed to now be able to help create those experiences for others through my studio. I believe we are all musical, and that music education should be well-rounded, creative, play and experiment based, and, above all, enjoyable! Music feeds our souls and brings us closer together. It truly is the universal language! I hope you'll join us!

 Kerri Dahl 
Founder’s Notes 


Hi! I'm Kerri Dahl. I am the creator and music specialist at Dahl Studio where I offer music instruction for individuals and families. My goal is to make the world more musical by providing accessible high quality music education to individuals, families, and communities!

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